Monday, March 14, 2011

London Day 6

deciding that we had walked/biked wayyyy too much over the week,
we have decidedly started the day with some laze...
starting with a nearby & redundant breakfast at madeira star,
where we had our first dinner brekkie.

m got his usual fry up (smart) but i was getting weary of eggs
(and i can't eat sandwiches no more, thanks to GI), so i ordered
a prawn salad, without much thought - actually tons of ideas that
it'll be like this prawn salad.
instead it was cabbage filled, fishy smelling yuckfest. oh well.

after our late breakfast/lunch, we ambled onto the Tate Modern.
again we didn't try to see everything, just a couple floors of choice...
craving coffee & people watching (great combo, init?), we went to
monmouth coffee outside borough market, which i'd read rave reviews
about on yelp :
unfortunately, i thought it was not much different than my "white"
i had at cafes with my fryups. especially the one i had this morning up there.
oh i guess the price was twice as much.

later on, we met up with my friend yusuke & his girl one last time
(and elliot later on as well!), for a burger at byron in fancy chelsea.

full spread!

m's cheese burger with gruyere - i love how their norm is medium.

yuz's 'byron burger' - a bacon cheese burger.

ilaria's chicken burger.

and my embarrassingly-titled "skinny" burger.
since i can't eat bread, it's the bunless choice.
i hadn't had a burger in ages, but this was good!!

before ending the night with elliot and all of us in clamham
junction neighborhood later on, we got some frozen yogurt
at the chain store snog.
oh the brits and their inuendo-filled names!

a great last night in london.