Wednesday, March 9, 2011

London Day 1

trip to london for a week for my show at london miles.
day 1 started with airplane food on virgin atlantic redeye.
chicken something with mashed somethings.

then our first meal off the airplane/airport express/tube
after dropping my paintings off at the gallery...
one of those "3 entrees with rice for £5" kind of deal place
on north end of portobello road, makan :

m got duck, fish and chicken in some kind of malay curry sauces.
very good.

i got a vegetarian platter - broccoli, eggplant and tofu curry :
i normally don't order eggplant (or aubergines over there)
but these were so good on an airplane-cramped body of ours.

then later in the afternoon, we dragged our jetlagged bodies around
the neighborhood we were staying in (vauxhall-ish), and found a place
nearly closing up (only around 5pm!), called madeira star cafe.

milk tea & white coffee without. so good.
then our full english breakfasts for dinner :

mine was a vegetarian version with mushrooms,
but i should've bit the bullet and gotten a proper meat one.
they know how to cook eggs just perfect overeasy there.

both of our second trip to London started in a hazy blur for the first couple days
of sleep-deprived, post-redeye state, not even noticing that we were actually in a foreign country. (we kept thinking we were just in some other city in the US).
now that i'm back home in NYC writing these and looking at photos,
i do realize that we were actually somewhere outside the country.