Thursday, March 10, 2011

London Day 2

our second day in london, after getting some much needed z's,
we started walking toward and across the thames via the vauxhall bridge ,
into pimlico, ambling into belgravia around lunch time,
unfortunately for us thrift-eaters (very fancy neighborhood).

we stopped at baker & spice, craving something really fresh.
we got these avocado salad and prawn salad, with amazing coffees.
having been super lucky with cheap food the first day,
this meal felt quite expensive to us (over $30 US), though super yummy.
that is until... dinner time.

after finishing a simple wall mural at the gallery, we headed off to shoreditch,
walking through brick lane.
one of us was craving a burger, so we went into a place called the diner :

mushroom burger, onion rings, brekkie platter with greens,
cheesecake, coffee.
very american diner type food, which ended up costing us
about 3 times the price that these would cost here (even in NYC).
crazy! we felt like the biggest suckers - like some chumps
that go abroad and can't eat anything but american food,
even at a higher cost!!