Tuesday, February 24, 2009

seattle/portland trip part 4:
leaving portland...

last time we were in portland, we stayed at the jupiter,
where they had a selection of voodoo donuts for sale,
so we never went down to the store.
i finally tried their bacon maple bar - i wished the bacon bits
were scattered all over the bar. salty & sweet is good.

then we encountered this sandwich truck (there are a few downtown),
called "headwaters cafe" - on sw 3rd, down the street from voodoo.

we got a pork sandwich & a meatloaf sandwich, both really good!!
the guy said he'd only been open for 3 weeks,
so hopefully he'll do well and stick around.

then to seattle to catch our plane...

we ate our last meal of the trip at via tribunali on pike.
really great salad & pizza, and i rarely say that outside of nyc.
we left sick but it still was a great meal!

more of the trip on my other blog...
seattle/portland trip part 3:
in portland...

we were pretty sick but still met up with my friend monica & her bf chris
at pambiche, a great little cuban place in the NE portland.
we had steak & eggs, cuban beef hash, and chris' french (cuban) toast.

and of course, the famed stumptown coffee in the old town area.
after browsing books for hours at powells, this was a great stop.
plus their cake donuts were amazing.
even better than the voodoos, at least this time!

then dinner later at farm cafe on e. burnside.
we found it on our last trip when we stayed at jupiter.
they only use local and seasonal ingredients,
so food there always tastes fresh.
we had amazing cheese plate, pear & gorgonzola salad,
true cod with nettle (amazing!!), and cheese cake.
a really good food day.
seattle/portland trip part 2:
in portland...

our first meal after driving to portland.
met up with friends at doug fir - wasn't as good as i remembered.

tried doug fir for breakfast again the next day.
still wasn't too great - very ho-hum.

then ended up having another breakfast that day at francis' on ne alberta.
i only got the cinnamon roll which was hard.
this wasn't too good a food day, considering i love food in portland!
belated seattle/portland trip part 1 :

pho in capitol hill right after we got in.
not the best but good enough to sooth our crunched up stomachs from the plane ride.

breakfast at the crumpet place.
a touristy spot but surprisingly amazing & quaint.

Monday, February 9, 2009

korean food fix on a beautiful day after moma at cho dang gol.
their banchan is always amazing, the new spicy pork dish, too,
and of course, the seafood tofu soup.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

nothing like warm, good ol' diner food on frigid day like today!
(it's 2ºF with windchill... dammit!)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

meat and beer on a cold night. @ bar tabac.
burger (one of the best in bk!) afar and minute steak, which wasn't amazing. :/

Monday, February 2, 2009

so warm out today, rode our bikes to get pizza at il porto.
the food is so much yummier when you get there by bike. ^_^

satisfying late sunday night dinner at congee village.
five spices duck, pork liver congee,
shang hai style juicy dumplings, and yu choy greens with garlic.

congee village, i feel, isn't as amazing as some hole-in-the-wall places in chinatown,
but is conveniently located for our train and is open late,
and seldom disappoints!