Sunday, July 31, 2011

not as good a deal as rockaway tacos (or tacos in california, for that matter)
but pequena makes some good tacos, as we've realized recently.
so glad the heat is dwindling a bit, but i still got my summery favorite,
mushroom tacos - and m a big platter of fish tacos, which were so so good.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i could eat at vegetarian ginger everyday, especially for their lunch deal.
citrus soy protein with kale, and general tso's soy with broccoli.
all with beautiful brown red rice.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

brunch at supercore.
the usual japanese classic with miso-ni (salmon), and i tried their
smoked salmon salad for the first time.
not as good a deal as the classic platters, but still good for a light meal.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


these below are sporadically documented food we ate along our path
up through New England on our bike tour that lasted 12-13 days till last Friday.

above is the morning of the day we left Brooklyn, our bikes all packed & piled up.
right below are the 3 vegan desserts at vegetarian ginger we had at the end of a
huge meal the night before, split between the 5 of us :

then some of our first meal at our gracious host's garden, in Ossining, NY :
grilled veggies & marinated tofu.

on the morning of day 4, having starved at a remote campsite
the night before, in Southbury, CT :

we found a diner in Southbury, CT, not far from the kettletown
state park campgrounds (despite a very very hilly ride), i came back
resuscitated - that omelette was a godsend.

at the end of day 4, we found ourselves in New Haven, CT, where our wonderful
host cooked up a feast for us in his beautiful home :

gluten-free & vegan friendly, all the while being so delicious.

Day 5 : we stopped at a veggie cafe the next day for lunch in Middletown,
called It's Only Natural (ION) :

j & i split a quinoa salad and right above was k's hummus platter.

Day 6 : after another hilly ride, we were greeted by a wonderful couple
in Eastford, CT, who invited us to swim in their pool (!!!) AND cooked us
a huge meal :

Day 7 : lunch stop in Webster, MA, on our way to a goat farm.
i could eat as much bread, pizza and pasta as long as i toured!
no stomach aches!

Day 8, we were hosted by j's brother, his wife & their little girl, in
Natick, MA, where we had another wonderful home cooked meal :

Day 9 was also another fancy, gourmet meal in Tewksbury, MA :
veggies & fish over brown rice.

Day 10 : our host (who cooked the fish above) suggested stopping by
Donna's Donuts in Tewksbury, MA, which he claimed to be the "best donut
in all of massachussetts".
we split a chocolate cruller and i had my morning fill of coffee there.

our stopover in Haverhill (read "Hayvrill") on our way to NH :

Day 11 : after staying a great night in Exeter, NH, we rode over to visit
Bailey Works Bags in Newmarket, NH, then to stop for breakfast at
Big Bean Cafe :

j's avocado was very weird and unripe, and m wasn't too thrilled about
his big breakfast platter, but i thought my breakfast sandwich was great!
maybe just because i could eat bread made it more than good enough.

later that day, we hung out in Portsmouth, NH, in that dreadful heatwave
(with head index hovering around 110ºF) dragging our feet into all A/C equipped
places - on foot!!
we stopped to have some dinner at the Friendly Toast.
delicious food, but alas, my lucky run with gluten ended right here.
that portobello burger was so good, but was also my last goodbye with bread.
i couldn't even bike it off due to the insane heat.

the next day, we rode 25 miles then came home on the bus into more heat.
we stopped at woo ri jip in the city for a meal, still :

mmmm... their buffet is so good!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

always a reliable & a/c'ed meal at menkuitei, especially on a hot summer day like today.
i tried something off their special menu, seafood curry (soso good!)
and m got his usual summer favorite, hiyashi chuka cold noodles.

and something from last night - lula's vegan ice cream sundae:

so good - the best vegan ice cream i've ever had.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

summery meal at pho bang - sour salmon & veggies soup
and my bún (vermicelli salad) with grilled shrimp, our perennial favorites.
it was so so filling, but not filling enough for us to ride our bikes further over
to tkettle on st marks for some shaved ice.
after some tapioca milk tea and strawberry & banana shaved ice,
we were definitely full (and oddly shivering in this crazy heat).

Sunday, July 3, 2011

brunch at brooklyn label after a hard bike ride day yesterday.
still feeling the effects, which means i'm getting old!
a huge veggie burger with side salad, and my tofu & potatoes with veggies.
pretty good, especially the veggie burger, though i'm never blown away by their food.

and an amazing csa dinner salad m made with 3 different green veggies :
kale, chard, & lettuce, with chopped kohlrabi, topped with a big fluffy omelette!
omg so good.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

a great meal at the end of a beautiful bike ride at lite delights again.
strawberry fields smoothie AND a mixed berries smoothie,
mozz & avocado sandwich, a HUGE tuna salad platter.
so satisfying & perfect, although it all dissipated in a couple hours,
having ridden 58+ miles all together.