Monday, September 6, 2010

hudson valley labor day weekend :

Day 1.

saturday of the labor day weekend, we packed our bikes into a shortline bus
and headed up to poughkeepsie -then we rode our bikes for about extra 11 miles
to new paltz, to an apartment we had rented for the weekend on main street.

finally feeling relaxed after having ridden in complete darkness for an hour,
we walked over across the street to new paltz indian restaurant,
where we had a hilarious meal of 4 dishes that look the same in a photo :

Day 2.
some veggies (huge chard) at the house we stayed :

a nice breakfast on day 2 morning at main course across the street :

veggies/grains on salad and salmon scramble, 2&2 for the four of us.
we left to go to storm king after, a very hilly 3+ hour, 26 mile ride.

after biking back to NP, we got to try the tasty burritos at mexicali blue,
and their huge array of salsa/hot sauce!

Day 3 :

after spending some cozy night and late morning sleep,
we ate some breakfast at karma road.

veggie burger:

breakfast burrito :

quinoa oatmeal (sounded great but it was cajun spiced, too spicy for fruit!) :

then after exploring NP a bit, we headed back to poughkeepsie to catch our bus back
to manhattan, we got to go over this beautiful pedestrian bridge over the hudson.

a long, rocky bus ride always leaves us famished and in need of some comfort food.
we ended up at tasty handpulled noodles and ate too much (but so good!) :

noodles with veggie broth, tofu, and one with eggs, and another (not pictured) with eel.