Wednesday, November 10, 2010

we've been passing by this one udon place every time we went to dokebi in recent weeks,
so we decided to give it a go for lunch.
lunch, all at $8 seemed a good deal, and i was craving some hot broth having come down with a sore throat bug.

surprisingly, their katsu don was probably the best katsu don i've had.
it's not the classic kind with the sweet brown tonkatsu sauce,
but had good seasoning, with vegetables and eggs. delicious!!

my udon was good - handmade looking noodles, and broth was good.
in my delirious sick state, i thought it was a vegetable udon,
and it was, except the said vegetables were fried tempura veggies.
so it got pretty gross toward the end when all the batter gets soggy in soup.

then for dinner, i was feeling sick, so m made me spicy tomato carrot ginger soup
with grilled cheese! simple and delicious, the spiciness of the soup felt so good in my throat.