Friday, December 24, 2010

having been down with yet another cold, then with a cut up hand,
i've been pretty much an invalid hermit these past few days.
finally feeling better, we took a walk (gasp, no bike!) to find something
to eat on christmas eve. after being struck out at a few places (even with
prior phone calls, places were closed when we got there),
we ended up at black bird parlour - a place we'd given a meek try almost 2 years ago.
and we remembered why - the food was good, but not good enough for the $$.
butternut squash soup, veal/beef burger, requested medium rare but served well-done (still ok)
and my orzo salad. all decent, just not amazing.

m wanted more food, so we stopped by saints alp for taiwanese popcorn chicken
and some chocolate frosty drink with boba :

crazy christmas eve!