Sunday, December 5, 2010

to keep on the habit of riding through the weather in the 20s,
we went up to k-town to eat at cho dang gol, the handmade tofu house.
(we hadn't been there in a whole year!)
their banchan (sides, above) are just as amazing as their food on the menu.
tonight, the banchan included spicy dried daikon radish, dried kombu chips,
kimchi, mushroom & Krab sticks "omelet", choy with tofu crumbles, and spicy marinated/grilled fish.
so yummy.

then came a little appetizer (on the house) - handmade tofu :

and what we ordered - denjang jigae :

and kimchi kong biji:

i like how they don't waste anything.
all the tofu they use at this place is house made by hand. so good!

also how the rice comes in this little stone pot :

then they pour barley tea into the crusty bits, called nurungji :

they also served us refreshing yuzu tea at the end of the meal,
which i was too full to take a photo of.
i must remember to patronize this place more often - such good stuff.