Saturday, January 22, 2011

a cold day brunch at jimmy's diner, where we always leave feeling
a little gypped and foolish for paying as much as we do for simple diner food.
i'll pretend that the complimentary donuts (or beignets?) that come
before our meal make up for it.

my cornbread bowl - scrambled egg over corn bread,
and m's "big boy breakfast" - cornbread, sausages, eggs over easy,
pancake & home fries. again they brought home fries, when he asked
for grits.

then dinner (for our anniversary) at samurai mama :

despite their name, the food here is damn good.
we got the chirashi bowl (beautifully put together and tastes great too),
tanuki udon (again a wrong order), and fried chicken.

everything was excellent, but i'd ordered a mushroom udon and
got a tanuki - when asked about this, they suggested to bring a
mushroom topping for us - but in the end, they charged us for the
extra topping. DO NOT LIKE.

because this wasn't enough food for the day, we ended the evening
with this huge spread from van leeuwen :
great, rich intelligentsia americano, chocolate glazed donut,
and their mint chip ice cream all so good!!!