Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lunch at ash box café - their special today was pork & veggie stir fry over brown rice,
which m got, and i got my usual tofu sale & salmon rice ball combo.
so weird to eat stir fried pork and taste "lightness" in flavor and weight - so homey and
delicious, as always, in a very clean way. and my go-to salad & onigiri combo never fails.

we also finally tried dough in clinton hill/bedstuy, after hearing so much
clamor about all kinds of flavors of donuts they carry - and we went with
cinnamon sugar donut & a churro. the churro was unfortunately very soft
and not chewy or crunchy. the donut was better, but since we prefer cake
donuts, mostly, it was decently good but not awesome.
next time i'll be trying one of the pies, though.

then m made these rice bowls for dinner - avocado salad (salsa?) and arugula
with over easy egg over rice. so unusual and delicious!!!
yum yum.