Sunday, March 11, 2012

we biked into chinatown to enjoy such a beautiful spring day - we stopped at
columbus park, which was packed with people playing cards, chess, and some
amateur senior opera troupes performing in several sets.
we walked over to tokyo mart to pick up some sushi then to a bakery for some
egg tarts, then back to the park on one of the flat table rocks to enjoy our food.
definitely one of the better sushis i've had that doesn't cost an arm and a leg in this town.

then for dinner, i made another spicy seafood stirfy, as we've been on a ssam kick recently.
this time more like dukboki, with mochi sticks. the frozen seafood mix i got
this time had different ingredients & variants than last time, including octopus,
mussels, scallops, etc - although i made the sauce a bit too spicy/salty this time,
and we didn't have any perilla leaves anymore, it was still satisfying!