Tuesday, April 24, 2012

i baked quiche! well, crustless quiche with kale, onions, and dried mushrooms.
we topped it later with some fresh tomatoes, and it was pretty decent.
next time i will use a little less milk and it might be yummier.

then for dinner, we tried 3 luigis for the first time in about 3-4 years :

got a huge spread of : antipasto salad, 2 slices of margherita pizza, and a philly steak sub
for m. i remember the salad to have a lot more greens, a lot less dressing - still tasty, but a bit
much for me. the pizza, though not as good as ones from our other favorite place, was still
quite decent, with thin crisp crust. the hoagie was so giant, but m liked it and i thought
the couple bites i had was yummy. i don't know how he finished it!
now i am conked out.