Thursday, May 31, 2012

yummy cold ramen noodles at menkuitei are the best on a warm day!
(except it was very cool inside from the a/c) we got their newly 100% vegetarian
hiyashi chuka , perfectly summery-tasting with the mustard - and m tried their
cold jar jar men, which we normally associate with heavy sauce and noodles,
was so refreshing and light! a great mix of flavors - salty, umami, fresh, cool, so good.

this is it post/mid mixing, showing its dark roasted soy bean paste sauce :

then after a long walk, we stopped for a little dessert at just sweet dessert house,
after seeing they offered some shaved ice - korean and taiwanese both.
we opted for patbingsu (the korean one), which surprised us by coming topped
with cornflakes (!!) but overall it was very refreshing and hit the spot.