Sunday, June 10, 2012

it was one of those rare days where we spent most of the day out and eating out
most of our meals, with random jaunts around town.
it started with a sunday brunch at mike's coffee house, with m's steak & eggs (& grits)
and my egg & cheese sandwich. the sandwich was ho-hum but the steak was tiptop.

then after a little break of hanging out on our rooftop back at home, we headed out
to manhattan chinatown on our bike around dusk.

at pho bang, m ordered a steaming bowl of pho dac biet (in this muggy weather)
and i got the cooler vermicelli with marinated shrimp & veggies (under the noodles).
amazingly, after we cooled down enough while waiting for the food to arrive, the pho
broth was not only tasty but so amazing to take in, even in this warmth!
the shrimp was yet again "crack" shrimp, one of my oldest favorites.

and on our way to get some egg tarts afterwards (which i forgot to photograph!),
i saw the illusive egg cake cart man and he made the last 20 (for $1!!) for us right before
closing up for the day - man, i hadn't had these in years!!
as expected, 20 of them disappeared into our bellies in no time.
this is why you buy 5 bags at a time!