Friday, July 6, 2012

finally feeling cooled off at the coffee house section of café 232, i actually had a real
craving for food! i felt like having some ramen and dukboki for once, so we went downstairs.

unfortunately, as much as i love the food at that place, i feel that noodle dishes in general have
been failures. the ramen (with extra topping of chicken) wasn't bad, but it also was a store bought
shin ramyun. the kind we could've gotten and made at home for about $1.20.
dukboki, on the other hand, had really good sauce, too bad we didn't order kimbap or dumplings
to dip into it. the duk (mochi) was a bit on the softer side, but with fish cake, it was a very good dish.

still, i think the best place for dukboki i've tried so far in NYC (minus flushing) was at kofoo in chelsea.