Friday, August 17, 2012

it'd been a long long time since we last went to a happy hour tapas special at olea.
their menu had been updated, and although we missed some of our old favorites, like grilled
baby octopus (which i felt a bit too guilty to be eating anyway), their tapas dishes were just
as good, always a cut above some other places we go to.
we ordered 4 tapas - fish sticks with harissa aioli, lamb kefta meatballs, celery & pea shoot salad,
and spanish pizza.
everything was perfectly harmonious in flavors, except the pizza was a little too aggressively
salted, for our taste anyway. it would have been much lovelier to have tasted the natural balance
of the quince paste and manchego cheese alone.
we also indulged and got creme catalana (spanish crème brûlée), a bit on the sweet side with
citrusy flavors. so good with coffee.
such a surprisingly filling meal - i hardly could walk afterwards!