Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a grand dinner at bozu with visiting friends - so fancy & swank for us!
some photos i managed to take show some sushi "bombs", rolls, tofu salad, fried chicken,
meatloaf (yes), and some that were not photographed (well) had takoyaki, rice croquettes,
stuffed mushrooms, sashimi ceviche, to list most of what i can remember.
it was all so good with a fresh pitcher of sapporo (which we sobered up from upon receiving
our check ha!)

then we were driven (thanks, tan!) over to manhattan for dessert at dessert truck (the brick-
and-mortar storefront) for some massive sweet attack - meaning 5 desserts for 6 people!
and 2 of them were 2 donuts per order each!! yikes.
2 chocolate bread puddings, one of them with bacon in it, and warm chocolate cake with
ice cream topping, and 2 orders of donuts - one set with nutella filling, another with rosemary
caramel dipping sauce. yummy, but too much sweets for me.
i will be bouncing off the walls for days now!