Monday, September 17, 2012

m craved a burger and we're both neck deep in work & projects that we couldn't eat till 9pm.
most of our favorite places were farther away or closed, so i just yelped for a burger,
and we ended up at maggie brown - which is never on our top choices, though we like its sister
restaurants (olea & pequeña), due to their overall mediocrity in most things we've had there.
tonight it was a cheese burger (which they claimed was the best this side of the mississippi)
and a veggie burger. the cheese burger turned out to be probably not the best of anything,
though very basic - and my veggie burger was definitely on the middle to lower half of my
imaginary veggie burger totem pole, though not bad either.
that's the thing that irks me about this place - nothing's great, but they're not bad, though it
looks as if it should be decently good. damn mediocrity!!