Thursday, October 25, 2012

another amazing meal at cong ly - m got his usual pho #1 (which the mr. owner man remembered!), and i tried a new dish, lemongrass grilled chicken over rice.
the pho there is really good - although i'm sure it still pales in comparison to the west coast versions, the broth is solidly refreshing and soothing, and their noodles better than some other places in nyc.
my chicken over rice was really yummy too - especially the fish sauce with chili that came with it made everything incredibly delicious!!!! 

afterwards, we weren't quite full yet (we had our CSA volunteer shift earlier, moving boxes, etc, so we were really hungry), so we walked over to a nearby chinese bakery for some coffee and dessert. we had procured some egg tarts before our dinner, and also got some apple tart and sponge cake to make the dessert trifecta! the apple tart was so good that i got a couple more to bring home. only 80¢! how can we not love chinatown.