Friday, October 19, 2012

another delicious meal at national thai - we go there at dusky time, which is why with each entree the photograph gets darker and darker. :P
we ordered som tom (green papaya salad) - which is always lightly dressed and never heavy-handed. and for the first time, we got a beef satay appetizer. i'm not sure that i've ever had beef as a satay form (usually have gotten chicken since i was a kid, that I can remember), and it was pretty tough to eat as a satay/skewered form, as it was a hunk of meat, closer to a small piece of steak. the sauce/marinade (peanuty curry sauce) was really good, despite the hard-to-chew/biteoff factor. and as always, their green chicken curry was tip top - so perfectly spicy, with the white meat offsetting the spiciness just the right amount, and with plentiful of vegetables. so great!!!