Friday, November 2, 2012

riding around dumbo/brooklyn bridge area, we were surprised to see that there were absolutely no line formed at grimaldi's - which was definitely the first time we've ever seen this, it's usually packed with tourists at any given time. we ordered a cheeseless mushroom for our favorite vegan friend as well as a regular margherita - it was pretty darn good, but i can think of myriad of places around nyc (even brooklyn alone) that i'd rather eat pizza at without ever worrying about lines.

then for dinner, we met up another friend at taro sushi - which we hadn't been to since being there last time only to be disappointed for the changed food/service about 3 years ago. they had since moved to a new location, fancied up, and obviously went back to their good old quality.
we split some kara-age (japanese fried chicken) and agedashi tofu (fried tofu in broth), and got a sushi regular combo and a sushi deluxe combo. everything was excellent, super well-cooked, sushi was fresh and with perfect amount of rice.