Thursday, November 22, 2012

 pre-carving turkey.


a lovely thanksgiving dinner at audrey's, as per last year! this year, more food, more people, more joy! i forgot to take a lot of other pictures, including the delicious triple dessert action (pumpkin cheesecake, gingerbread cookies, apple crisp) above are some photos before i started stuffing my face - huge csa turkey that m carved up to good bits, we brought some salad (regular salad greens + kale + tatsoi) & butternut squash mash, there were stuffings, mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts with truffle oil (wow), squash & pasta bake, cucumber salad, cranberry sauce, amazing gravy cooked right after the turkey, broccoli & apple salad, and sweet potato bake that was also super delicious. we were even treated to some delicious mulled cider - look how pretty!

happy thanksgiving it was to us!!! so thankful - thank you, audrey!!♥♥♥