Saturday, December 8, 2012

lunch at choice market - it always feels too rushed to eat in there, though their sandwiches are still decent deals and tasty. we thought that we should go eat inside pratt cafeteria (5-minute-walk) away next time. despite all that, my roasted salmon sandwich i often get there was still good (with mango chunks) as was the roast chicken panini - it's super stuffed for a panini. chicken, lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, and cripsy bacon. it's one of their best deals!

later at night, i wanted something comforting, and i made jook (can't believe how many times i had to de-autocorrect that - blogger keeps wanting me to say i ate a book!) with left over brown rice in the fridge and tinned tuna. of course, i did make some kombu broth, so made it a little deeper tasting than some watery brown rice. i threw in some little mochi for extra bites. pretty darn simple but good.