Sunday, February 17, 2013

i haven't been craving much of any food lately, but today i had a hankering for dukbokioden (fish cake soup), a classic pairing of korean street foods - in fact, in korea, when you buy dukboki on the street, they will give you a free cup of (yes, a cup) this soup broth to wash down the heat.
so i decided to make some simple oden & dukboki with my fridge ingredients, since i had some mochi(duk) and fish cakes on hand. the broth is a simple kombu & anchovies, to which i later added some radish (more like turnips from CSA) and dried mushrooms, and soy sauce for flavor. 
dukboki is my usual go-to dish, and it was a perfect pairing on a super cold night (1ºF). comfort food is really comforting!