Saturday, April 27, 2013

 kept m company while he sold some bike parts on a stoop - and walked over to the brooklyn flea to get these delicious onigiri from Rice & Miso Everyday stall - we've gotten their miso soup and onigiri before, so i knew to beeline straight there. i got the garlic miso we've tried before, as well as their daily special (right) with ground beef in soy sauce, etc. they were both incredibly delicious. i especially love how they make it with brown rice.

then after the successful day of sales, we biked around the neighborhood and ended up for a real meal at national thai - we got our usual green curry with chicken and salmon filet (buried in their somewhere) with sautéed vegetables in basil sauce over rice from their special menu. 
the salmon dish was delicious, perfectly cooked vegetables and brown rice were just what i wanted.
their green curry is always on the spot - so perfectly creamy and spicy with generous amount of everything.