Friday, May 10, 2013

after shopping at trader joe's we decided to try california taqueria down the street, which we'd been eyeing for a long time but never had the chance to try since we so frequently got mexican elsewhere. finally remembering this place, we gave it a go - i got 2 tacos, a carne asada and a fish (tilapia), and m got a HUGE burrito with carne asada. 

they were pretty dang good but the tacos were a bit on the expensive side (fish taco being $4.50 each, the highest i've ever seen).

later at night i made myself a late night snack of dukboki, with some collard greens thrown into it to make myself feel better (since this is almost a korean junk food). i also put some cheese in it to balance out the spiciness and thought it'd add some protein -_-.
very yummy but with dukboki, collard was a little weird - kale is definitely a better match for something sweet and spicy.