Friday, May 24, 2013

it'd been forever since i'd been into the city from being out of town and being sick, so despite it being a super cold rainy day from this insane schizophrenic weather week, we still made it into the city to share some bowls of hot ramen noodles with some friends. we went to the good old trusty spot, menkuitei, where we're always guaranteed a seat, even on a friday night. 
m got his favorite non-noodle dish, mabo-don, j some vegetarian miso ramen, a got tonkotsu ramen (not pictured), and i got my usual go-to, tokyo (shoyu) ramen. 

all so satisfying, except the desserts we got at chikalicious to-go afterwards was just so-so. but we had to duck in somewhere, it was freeeeezing.