Saturday, June 22, 2013

{ Atlanta Trip }

we were in atlanta for a few days to spend time with my dad-in-law (while my mom-in-law was out of town doing this amazing 500-mile walk across spain for 1.5 months).
i forgot to take lots of photos but a couple memorable meals - above is from heirloom market bbq, a super obscure, tucked-away joint next to a liquor store by the freeway, but with a loooong line out the door during rush hours. we got there a bit late, and were able to sit down and share korean style spicy pork bbq sandwich with kimchi coleslaw, chicken wings (with korean sauce), shredded pork sandwich, and a brisket sandwich. all of these came with a side, including baked beans, collard greens, coleslaw, and brunswick stew. i have to say their regular bbq sandwiches were so so but the sauced ones seemed really good. good bottled hot sauces on the table as well.

then m's brother cooked this last brunch for us - french toast, 2 ways - one with challah bread and another with baguette. with fruits and spicy sausage, i couldn't stop eating. the ex-chef sure knows how to cook! :)