Monday, July 29, 2013

for the first time in my adult life (possibly), i didn't have breakfast due to some blood test today. O_O
so by the time i was done with my appointment, i really wanted breakfast food (even though it was late lunch time), so we went to a promising looking place, Couleur CafĂ©, in lieu of our usual, hanco's, in the  vicinity. 
and dang, this was one of the biggest rip off of lunch i've had in recent days!! teeny teeny amount of food (the mini chicken sandwich with soup really was mini) and each dish was $11 & $12 above.
i got baked eggs with roasted veggies, which was decently good, as was the red lentil soup m got with the sandwich, but definitely nowhere near worth the amount they were charging.
awww silly cute place, you were not worth it at all! next time i crave something like this, i'll stick to our new & nearby place.