Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the weather was amaaaazing this evening - crisp, cool breeze was almost chilling while riding our bikes over the bridge. we finally went and had a proper meal at cutting board in chinatown - i got uni (sea urchin roe) cream pasta, m got "beef patty"(hamburg steak) with egg & rice, in black pepper sauce.
my pasta was really delicious, of course, nothing to even compare to my favorite version in california, but for $9 (less than half of what you'd pay for an uni dish at basta pasta), it was so good. m's hamburg steak was good too, although the pepper sauce was a bit too strong & spicy for me. but also, so cheap!
we got sour cream cheese cake as well (presented above in a puddle of condensed milk!?!), which was just so so - seems that most of their dessert is, but we need to come back and try other things next time!