Friday, July 12, 2013

 we were up in tivoli (upstate NY), hanging out at a friend's rental summer house for a day, and after a long bike ride and failed swim attempt (got too chilly), we stopped by this super cute burrito stand with amazing view. they offered probably 4 things, 2 burritos and some other things, and we all got guacamole burritos. i can definitely say this was the best burrito i've had on the east coast, hands down, maybe even my favorite of any burritos i've ever had! just simple guacamole, rice, black beans, cheese and sour cream, with home made chipotle sauce, salsa verde, and perfectly charred tortilla (almost like a malaysian roti consistency), it could easily be the best. so so delicious.  

then we got back into the city late at night, past midnight, without having had any dinner after the above burrito (though that was at 4-5pm). so we walked over from port authority to k-town for some delicious 24-hour food. since we weren't super hungry, we got a soup & fish combo and split it between the 2 of us - seafood soon dubu jigae(spicy tofu soup) and grilled mackerel. the mackerel was so amazingly fleshy and perfectly grilled, with moist insides and crispy skin.
great way to expel the bus ride out of our system and before our journey back to brooklyn.