Sunday, September 22, 2013

a very indecisive food day, and after a blustery walk, we just popped into pillow café, discarding our initial plan to go to café 232 for some korean food. since it was so windy out, m ordered a side of cup of turkey chili with some toppings alongside our usual sandwiches - garden bagel and egg salad sandwich.

the sandwiches were delicious as usual - unfortunately, what started as a $3.95 side of cup of chili, which seemed steep to begin with for a really small teacup, the toppings (avocado, sour cream & onions - onions, really??) combined together were additional $3.50, making the teeny cup of soup more expensive than either of the sandwiches!
i have no idea how they justified $2 for 4 little cubes of avocado, but man, should we never deviate from just ordering these two sandwiches and nothing else! otherwise pillow cafe is sheer ripoff.