Monday, September 9, 2013

after our midwife appointment, and hearing that i might want some more protein in my diet to keep fatigue at bay, we went to try some breakfast food at cousin john's bakery - which didn't serve brekkie anymore after 3pm. so we went a couple doors down to park cafĂ© (i think that's where la taqueria used to be back in the day?) 
i tried their steak & eggs dish w/fries and m got a cheese burger. i didn't get a good pic of the assembled burger, but it was really good. much better than that sad thing called "steak" and eggs. it was so pitifully small that we actually told the waiter and he gave us a couple bucks off it. not to mention that it didn't taste good at all. next time or anytime i want steak and eggs, i'm only sticking with mike's from now on. and forever. (well... kind of).