Sunday, September 1, 2013

 we ended up almost exactly the same way at cammareri as we did yesterday - eating here twice in a row, *gasp*, and actually ordering one same dish in a row. O_O
m wanted to try the chicken pot pie there yesterday but i didn't order it, so he tried it today, and i got the mac & cheese again. chicken pot pie was decently yummy, and a bit on the smaller side (i couldn't find any chicken). hmmm now that i think about it, it kind of reminded me of the healthy, gourmet cat food (but a really delicious human version). the mac & cheese, was of course, really delicious.

then after, we got a 'smores ice cream cone as well as a giant chocolate babka that had been taunting me for the past 5 times i've eaten here. since i hadn't had any desserts all day, i decided to try it. it was pretty decent, though maybe too big for the amount of richness. it was very much in-between cake and croissant (like a cronut, m said).