Tuesday, September 17, 2013

weird colors but i couldn't adjust it any longer. -_-
i had yummy dinner at chuko with a friend (a friend with hook up deals, since she knows people there).
we ordered all their specials! starting with pork & cabbage gyoza, fried brussels sprouts on the house, and i got their pork bone ramen - a tonkotsu broth ramen with skinny noodles, topped with melty pork meat, mustard greens, and woodear mushrooms - and kana got mentaiko mazemen, a soupless ramen dish with mentaiko, shiso leaves, seaweed, & bacon. so yummy!! 
i normally don't even like tonkotsu broth that much but this one was light and not too heavy or lardy.
the pork just melted into my mouth, and mustard greens just balanced everything out well.
i couldn't even finish everything, but it was so good!