Thursday, September 12, 2013

wow easily one of the best meals ever. despite the pouring rain and thunderstorm, we walked down to il porto for a lil birthday dinner. we celebrated m's last birthday here but we were luckier with food this time. after pondering for a while, we decided to get pasta e fagiole soup, their seafood pizza we always see getting packed up for delivery while getting a slice from them, and a grilled salmon entree. 
we've always wanted to try their seafood pizza and we weren't sure if we were even in the mood for pizza today, but holy cow, we would've cried had we not ordered it today. it was hands down one of the MOST flavorful, deliciously made pizzas we've had. packed with seafood, just on simple tomato sauce, it even came with a little bow of seafood bouillabaisse to drizzle over it for extra flavor. wow wow wow taste explosion! so amazing. the salmon was amazing too - perfectly cooked, flaky but not dry, along with this lemony garlicky sauce and potato cheese croquette, it was pretty dang perfect, albeit being so overshadowed by the pizza.

even though we were both full, we ended the delicious meal with more food - ricotta cheesecake!
it came with raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream, and luckily it was light (thanks to ricotta) enough to not make us feel sick. it seems like we had no problem finishing it.
soooo gooooood!