Wednesday, October 9, 2013

after a loooong walk back home from south slope, we ended up randomly at joy indian restaurant, which we haven't been to in years. somehow i was in the mood for indian food since a couple days ago, and it was a lucky stumble that i hadn't thought of at the time. we ordered chicken tikka masala (theirs is so good) and a bindi bajhee (okra dish), with a side of cheese naan. somehow the two main dishes we got were such a good match - well-balanced flavors, texture, and even the color! so delicious, i was beyond full.

maybe because we also stopped at cousin john's bakery on the way up there while we took a little break with this huge eclair. we got two but one was enough for both of us as a pre-dinner dessert. good pâte à choux, good chocolate, and great custard cream. mmmm~~