Wednesday, October 16, 2013

it's been a LOOOONG time (over 5 years) since we've last eaten at moïm (and that was the only time, i believe). brooklyn has come a long way since those days when we had to either trek into the city or find small places hidden away like this but since we were in the vicinity, we decided to finally give it a try. (plus café 232 has been upping their prices without much upping their game, so we thought this would be a worthy splurge.) we got our old favorite, the dak gui chicken dish (dish of the same idea/name here from café 232) as well as a seafood dolsot bibimbap. the chicken was saucier than we remember it, but dang it was soooo well cooked. perfectly tender with super crispy skin. all the jujube's and herbs flavored the sauce with layers and it was just so tasty to eat. the bibimbap was a bit too soupy (instead of crisped on the stone bowl) so it was more like a paella than bibimbap but still had great flavors. besides the weird, odd-mannered staff, it was all in all a really good meal!