Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!!!!
greenpoint coffee house is long gone, :(
and finally a new place called garden spot opened there today.

unfortunately, they completely destroyed the beauty that was the interior
of greenpoint coffee house (as seen in this photostream and some other),
and turned the place into a super mediocre looking generic diner space.

luckily the food - poached eggs with avocado on english muffin, and fruit salad with yogurt
- wasn't too bad (not as good as before either but it's their first day)
and the prices were really really good, which makes it a bit better,
but this whole experience made me miss greenpoint coffee all the more.

then we had another mediocre food in greenpoint - bombay garden :

i want to like this place so bad, but it was just too bland, even the naan.