Sunday, February 19, 2012

we've been trying to make the most out of our last week in the neighborhood.
today, we craved polish food, so we headed to lomzynianka, easily the best polish
restaurant for the money in the neighborhood.

the usual complimentary pickles/krauts, vegetable borscht soup for my sore throat,
meat loaf, and a "polish platter", which consists of a stuffed cabbage, bigos (hunter's stew),
kielbasa, pierogis, both dishes with mashed potatoes.
so so yummy & satisfying, though we probably will need another year before our craving
for polish food comes again.

somehow, our experience moving here & leaving here seems to be adding up to some kind of
a nice (well, kind of) symmetry - we ate here right before moving to our apartment,
and our heat/hot water is broken right now (and have to boil water for dousing baths), as was
the case when we first moved in. :(