Thursday, June 14, 2012

after our first day of CSA veggie pickup, we went for an impromptu (well, prompted
by massive hunger) dinner at menkuitei. m got his old favorite, hiyashi chuka-men, and
since i'd been only getting noodles there recently, and because it wasn't too hot today,
i ordered a mabo-don. mmmm~~~ it was so good, paired with a pint of sapporo!

we then searched for something sweet after, and ended up at birdbath bakery, where we
got 15% off discount for having come in on our bikes.

we got this gigantic chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate toffee cookie (hiding in the bag)
with their coffee - the choc-chip was too rich for us. chocolate toffee
was surprisingly much milder and less oily. very good coffee, though!