Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a nice, grey, cool day - a good day for sketching and reading with a cookie,
beer and an iced coffee. bedford hill coffee bar was very cute, until it started
getting crowded and the people behind me were talking my ears off.

so we headed off to fill our bellies with yummy food :

tepango, along with castros, is one of the rare NYC mexican places that
give you a complimentary bowl of chips & salsa before you order.
(of course, very different from the cal mex style chips & salsa, or their food,
for that matter)

m got a huge burrito with spicy pork, which had pineapples inside with the meat!
and i got my usual crack torta with tinga (chipotle chicken). i really don't know what
they do with that, but whatever it is, i like it. damn it's just so good.
puts the castro's version to shame, making it look like some soft marshmallow puff.