Sunday, June 17, 2012

beautiful 70ºF weather today - we got together with a bunch of friends
and rode our bikes down to rockaway taco by rockaway beach.
the line was magically short and we got our fish tacos in no time. it really
felt like we were in california somewhere with these yummy tacos.
watermelon juice was great & refreshing as well.

then we rode down to fort tilden, where it was surprisingly hipster-free on
a beautiful sunday (thanks to a very mild weather) :

m & i left a bit earlier (i was sunburned) and stopped midway in midwood (haha)
for some random sushi :
our eyes (way bigger than our bellies) led us to order these huge platters
of food, confusing the cheaper prices with the level of our hunger. oops.
ikura (salmon roe) roll, tuna & salmon roll, eel & cucumber roll, with tempura
and salad above.

then my platter of choice : futomaki, salmon & cream cheese roll, and
mackerel & ginger roll, with gyoza & salad.
these came with miso soup as well, and we were disgustingly full by the end.
the sushi was decent but not great, but it was a fun, random stop on our trip back!