Monday, June 18, 2012

pho & 2 banh mi sandwiches at nicky's for lunch.
delicious pho (especially the broth), grilled chicken banh mi & the classic dac biet banh mi
with all the good pork products (pâté, ham, ground, etc). mmmmm~~~~

then walked over to one girl cookie for desserts after :
iced coffee, lemon pound cake, and angel food cake with passion fruit glaze & crushed pistachios.
one girl cookie, despite the name, really makes perfect cake, imho - not too fluffy, not too dense, not dry or too moist, and the right amount of sweetness.
the glaze was very sweet so its proportion to the cake was just right - and the pistachio crunchiness
only added to the yumminess.


m went beef-crazy and made another meat sandwich for dinner!
roasted beef (from trader joe's) with melted cheddar, horseradish sauce, and arugula on 7 grain.
with flaxseed chips on the side, and cherries to chase away the tearjerking horseradish.
it was deeeeelicious and i must go lie down to flatten out my huge belly.