Tuesday, June 26, 2012

a great day of beautiful weather, great food!
i woke up to a pile of greens & veggies that m had cooked up - collard greens, broccoli,
squash, carrots, etc etc. though the veggies were old-ish, it was so good to eat some greens
first thing in the morning - i made a simple little omelette to go with it.
nothing much, except creamy eggs with a bit of cheese sprinkled inside. fluffy and yummy!

then for dinner, still feeling a bit sick, i wanted some more broth...
so we went to cafe 232 korean again!

apparently, we can't get enough of this place. it sure is good there, though.
we got spicy squid stir-fry and denjang jigae - which was surprisingly spicy.
spicy squid was really good, perfectly cooked, spicy and all roasty.
both were so delicious, though they probably don't measure up to the amazingness factor that
is the chicken dish there.

and the amazing sunset from the roof :