Thursday, August 30, 2012

another satisfying - and cheap!- meal at cong ly (who now has a B grade, instead of their C
last time).
m got his usual pho with everything, and i, for the first time at a vietnamese place since
living in NYC, got chicken curry over rice. i debated whether to get the french dip style with
a baguette, but somehow the broken rice was calling out to me. (it may have been because we
had donuts & sesame balls we'd bought before dinner in the bag already).
the pho is so perfectly umami and refreshing and soothing, noodles very chewy (more so than
other places we've tried in NYC so far). my curry was excellent - lighter than thai or japanese
or indian curry, coconutty and spicy and just delicious!
all this was only $13.50 (including tip!!) and we were fuller than after some $30 meals!