Friday, August 31, 2012

egg tart from last night's chinatown adventures with iced coffee!
we got this from a new random bakery on chrystie and it was so good - one of the better ones.
i like it when the crust is flaky in layers of crisps (as opposed to more graham cracker crusty).

then for dinner, we got overloaded with ground beef burrito and chicken cemita at castro's.
i'd never had a cemita before, since i normally opt for a torta when i feel like a mexican
sandwich, mostly because tortas usually come with more fresh vegetables (tomatoes, lettuce,
avocado, etc). but weirdly (or not), this cemita was way better than their torta here, even with
no fresh veggies except avocado - just grilled chicken, cheese, chipotle, and avocado.
so good!!! their ground beef burrito is always a classic yummy.
these two also made for a good balance of flavors as we shared them.