Tuesday, August 21, 2012

dinner photos at café 232 korean never comes out right, since it's so dark in there
for iPhone cameras - these have been brightened up a lot, but still very fuzzy & noisy.
but their food was pretty dang good!
we got denjang jigae (soybean paste stew) & samgyupsal (pork belly bbq), a very good combo
that we rarely get, if ever. the bbq was very good, pre-cooked (they're usually grilled right on the
table at most restaurants), and we even asked for some lettuce for ssam, which they obliged,
albeit a bit reluctantly - it may have been on the qt.
their stew is a bit on the spicier side than regular denjang jigae, but i like it because it reminds
me of the way my mom used to make it, with a little extra gochujang in the mix.
unusual for us, but still very good meal.