Monday, August 13, 2012

it had been ages since we last had eaten at shanghai café deluxe... the last time was probably
this last winter or spring. it just had been simply too hot to crave something like this.
but today, though it wasn't cool by any means, we felt like it.
we got our favorites, the squid with pickled cabbage over rice, broccoli with garlic sauce,
and the requisite xlb dumplings - they were all so good!
the squid with pickled cabbage might be one of my favorite things there - perfectly cooked squid
with sour crunchy pickled cabbage. mmm~

then to cool off again and get some sweets, we stopped by fay da bakery:

sweet iced coffee (we always forget to ask for no sugar at chinese bakeries) with japanese style
fluffy cheese cake and good ol' egg tart.
good, but i think fay da is better at fluffier goods than things like egg tarts.